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Chemical Process Operators (shifts)


  • As a chemical process operator in the control room, you closely monitor the various operating parameters of the various installations.
  • You analyse data and adjust parameters whenever that's necessary.
  • You carry out inspection rounds in the department on a regular basis.
  • You take samples and analyse them thoroughly.
  • As a process operator, you recognise problems in time and take the initiative to solve them.
  • Minor maintenance work falls under your responsibility. But if you notice that the problem is bigger than expected, you call in the help of our specialised maintenance team.
  • You carry out technical administrative tasks such as drawing up and updating work instructions. You report regularly on production figures, the quality of the production process and technical defects.


  • You have a Bachelor or A2 degree in chemistry or chemical process engineering and can look back on successful experience as a process operator in a chemical production environment.
  • Perhaps even more important than your degree are your unbridled motivation to train further as a process operator and your thorough team spirit, which makes you an indispensable colleague.
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility and safety is always a top priority for you.
  • As a hands-on team player, you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves yourself.
  • You fully identify with our core values ROSI: Respect, Open, Together and Initiative.
  • A short rotating full-continuous shift system (4-2) suits you down to the ground.


  • You will be joining a company that is part of an international group that continuously invests in further growth and development, with room for innovation and automation.
  • A full-time position in a short-rotation system.
  • Unique experience in launching a completely new department.
  • A job where you can use your technical expertise day after day within a dynamic and informal working environment, where collegiality and communication are paramount and initiative is encouraged.
  • Ample development opportunities and a competitive salary package in line with your experience and commitment, complemented by numerous fringe benefits including 18 compensatory rest days.

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