Welcome to Molymet Belgium

Welcome to Molymet Belgium at North Sea Port! Molymet Belgium is European leader in the production of Molybdenum (Mo), a raw material that is used in many innovative products, ranging from stainless steel to smartphones. With approximately 150 employees we produce various qualities of Molybdenum on our site at North Sea Port that are used in the metal and steel industry, the chemical industry and the electronics industry.

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The world of Mo

Molybdenum (Mo, atomic number 42) is not the best known substance, but it is one of the most fascinating chemical elements on earth. Mo makes solutions stronger, more efficient and purer.

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Looking for talent

Molymet Belgium in Ghent needs a wide variety of talents. As a forward-looking metallurgical and chemical company, we are always on the look-out for motivated production operators, mechanics, electricians, metalworkers and maintenance technicians. We are currently building a new, additional factory on our site which will generate extra jobs.


From RMC to PurOx

Molymet Belgium processes molybdenum sulphide ores, a by-product from copper mining. Various qualities of Molybdenum are produced. The higher the Mo concentration and the lower the copper residue, the higher the product quality.

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