About Molymet Belgium

Welcome to Molymet Belgium at North Sea Port! Molymet Belgium is a subsidiary of Chilean company Molymet and is European leader in the production of Molybdenum (Mo), a raw material that is used in many innovative products, ranging from stainless steel to smartphones.

With approximately 150 employees we produce various qualities of molybdenum that are used in the metal and steel industry, the chemical industry and the electronics industry. We are currently building a new additional factory on our site for the production of PurOx, pure molybdenum oxide with high-tech applications. 

Over Molymet Belgium

The world of Mo

Molybdenum (Mo, atomic number 42) is not the best known substance, but it is one of the most fascinating chemical elements on earth. Why is that? To start with, Mo is an essential element which is found in minuscule quantities in each of us as well as the plants around us. It contributes to the metabolism. In short, without molybdenum there is no life.

Touch Screen

Mo strengthens

Mo makes steels and other metals corrosion-resistant, stronger, harder and more resistant to high temperatures. Mo allows us to make cars and airplanes lighter and thanks to Mo we need less material and energy to build bridges, buildings and pipelines. Mo is a sustainable element.

Mo gives energy

Mo can be found in thin-film photovoltaic modules and allows us to build the latest generation of offshore wind turbines. It is also essential for the construction of modern (and thus more economical) power stations.

Mo purifies

Mo plays a crucial role in the refining of more eco-friendly fuel and the desulphurisation of diesel.

Mo is everywhere

You will also find Mo in unexpected places. In piercing jewellery, pigments, fire retardants, medication and all kinds of electronics, ranging from transformers to the touchscreen of your smartphone.

Mo is part of our day-to-day life and contributes to a more sustainable society.

More information about the world of Mo is available here.

From RMC to PurOx

Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate (RMC)

Molybdenum does not occur in pure form in nature, but is usually bound to other elements such as sulphur, iron and copper. Molymet Belgium processes molybdenum sulphide ores, a by-product from copper mining. It is used to produce various molybdenum products. Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate (RMC) is a product in powder form or in briquettes with at least 57% Molybdenum, maximum 0.5% copper and even lower concentrations of sulphur, carbon and other elements.

RMC is produced in our recently modernized and extended roasting furnace. The roasting furnace is a sixteen level tower where the ore is heated to a temperature of approximately 600°C and gradually, level per level, is converted to RMC.

Sulphur ends up in the flue gases during this process. In the flue gas desulphurisation, the flue gases are purified to protect the quality of the ambient air.

RMC is used as an alloying element for the production of steel, for which a large part of our production is processed into ferromolybdenum. During production we also recover rhenium, an alloying metal used to strengthen turbines in airplanes and power stations. The roasting furnace is also used to produce sulphuric acid, an important raw material in the chemical industry.

Ferromolybdenum (FeMo)

Ferromolybdenum (FeMo) is a product in the form of a metal with at least 65% Molybdenum and low concentrations of silicon and copper.

FeMo is made by producing a high temperature chemical reaction with RMC and silicon. This is done under controlled circumstances in specially prepared pits.

FeMo is often used as an alloying element to make even stronger and more corrosion-resistant steels. The production of FeMo also produces a number of useful by-products such as granulates for the concrete and asphalt industry.


PurOx will be the newest product in our range. We are investing in the construction of a new factory which will be operational in 2019. In this department two products will be made: very pure molybdenum oxide (MoO3) and ammonium dimolybdate (ADM or (NH4)2Mo2O7).

Both products are very coveted for use in high-tech chemical and electronic applications. Examples of products that require this high PurOx quality are catalysts in the (petro)chemical industry, baseplates for chips, adhesive layers for smartphone screens, superalloys for airplane engines and wind and gas turbines.

The innovative PurOx-process was developed by Molymet Belgium itself. It comprises an entirely new initial step for the purification of raw materials and a continuous crystallisation process.

A sustainable company

Sustainable business is given the highest priority at Molymet Belgium. We continuously look for the highest product quality, we protect the environment and we monitor the health and safety of our employees, neighbours and any other parties.


Health and safety

Any accident is one too many. This is why Molymet Belgium always works proactively and goes for continuous improvement. We identify the risks of all subactivities and take preventative measures to avoid accidents, illness and incidents. The policy is followed up in our ISO 45001 safety management system. We also communicate openly about this with all parties involved through courses and awareness campaigns, etc. We also stimulate all employees with incentives to actively contribute to an accident-free production. And it is working: our work accident figure is clearly below the sector average.

Environmental care

The environment & climate belong to us all, we need to look after it every day. Molymet Belgium goes further than the applicable environmental & energy legislation. We impose even stricter environmental & energy requirements on ourselves and monitor the performance based on specific indicators. Our ISO 14001 environmental care system helps us with this. We always use the best available techniques and we try to minimize energy consumption and to maximize the recycling of our waste flows. We communicate very openly about this with the locals, neighbouring companies, governments and all other stakeholders. In short, sustainable business is key for us.

Product quality

Molymet Belgium always aspires to the highest quality, reliability and cost efficiency. Our ISO 9001 quality management system helps us to permanently improve our processes and make them more effective. We also continuously invest in innovative techniques (such as PurOx) to provide an even better and more efficient service to our customers.

Our certificates

Molymet Belgium meets the requirements of international standards for quality, environment and safety. As one of the first chemical companies in the North Sea Port, Molymet Belgium obtained the certificates according to the latest versions of the standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018 and CE/COPRO certificate.